Quality policy

The Management Team of the Cooperativa Jovent develops a quality policy that provides a reference framework for establishing and reviewing the quality objectives, which must be known and understood by all the members of the entity and that commits itself to the entity as a whole and all its members to comply with the requirements of the implanted system and continuously improve its effectiveness, always within the framework of the general mission of the organization.

The Cooperativa Jovent establishes its commitments under the premise of compliance with the UNE-ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and the legal and regulatory requirements to which it is subject.

In order to achieve the mission, vision and fundamental values, the members of the Cooperativa Jovent unanimously agree to take on the following commitments to develop their quality policy:

With us, as partners of the entity

  • Democratic: prioritizing decision making in a framework of dialogue and consensus.
  • Corresponsible: each member taking on and acting according to the decisions taken by the team.
  • Maintain an attitude and policy that recognizes the importance and dignity of the person in the framework of the decisions of the entity.
  • Critics and self-critics with our management and personal attitudes to improve and evolve as members of a team that have a responsibility that transcends what is individual and as a way of strengthening the team with the rest of the workers and entities or external bodies.
  • Supporters of participation processes necessary and appropriate so that, as far as possible, the rest of the workers participate in the design of the strategy of the organization and contribute to the construction of their planning and development.
  • Transparent information: Inform in a transparent way the actions of the organization, the plans of the future, as well as the problems that may arise that affect the stability of the entity.

With the users of the services we offer

  • Respectful treatment: kind, welcoming, respectful towards their way of being, taking into account their plurality and diversity.
  • Commitment to people: to do everything possible to find the best solution to their problems, with a holistic approach when dealing with them and according to the current state of the knowledge and resources of the educational, social and psychological intervention, to promote their personal and social autonomy, equal opportunities and access to work.
  • Satisfaction of your expectations: knowing them and doing their best to satisfy them and not creating false hopes.
  • Continuous improvement of the service processes to perform them in less time and more efficiently, without losing quality of assistance.
  • Clear, understandable, accurate, complete and detailed information about the characteristics of the services offered and their rights and duties.
  • Guarantee of confidentiality of information as well as development of a data protection plan, in accordance with the current regulations.
  • User access to the information about the values ​​of the Cooperativa Jovent.

With the people who work in the entity

  • Encourage them to be open to promoting an affable, assertive and mutual supportive work environment.
  • To favor a constant improvement in the satisfaction of the work, making each place a permanent space for training, research and innovation.
  • To seek the improvement of working conditions in the context of a sensitivity to the personal needs of each person that allows, as far as possible, the stability of jobs, the reconciliation of family and work life and salaries suitable that require the services we give.
  • Apply a plan to prevent occupational hazards and health surveillance.
  • Ensure that the behaviour of the workers in the development of their functions is responsible for the task, involved with the users, identified with the values ​​of the entity, committed to teamwork and open to continuous improvement.
  • Promote the knowledge of the mission and values ​​of the organization, its adherence to these values ​​and the sense of belonging.

With contractors and funders

  • Keep good and open communication.
  • Carry out balanced projects regarding the costs of the service, with a maximum of quality, consistent with the mission and vision of the entity.
  • Be flexible and open to possible modifications to the contracts, so that they are adapted to the expectations of the contractors.
  • Be engaged in the analysis and evaluation of the service and the results obtained.

With external collaborators

  • Sign collaboration agreements with centres, professionals and other entities to improve coordination processes and the optimization of resources.
  • Make alliances with similar entities to provide better services.

With the suppliers

  • Efficiency and profitability in the business relationship.
  • Fidelity in the relationship to maintain a trusted framework in which the assumed commitments are valued.
  • Transparency and honesty in commercial operations.

With the environment

  • Detect new needs within the socio-educational field and inform them of the competent institutions.
  • Participate in institutional initiatives or other entities oriented towards social solidarity and the construction of a better world, promoting improvements in the territory.
  • Collaborate with neighborhood entities and groups, promoting networking and the ability to bring together interests and effectiveness in the management of objectives.

This Policy and these quality objectives are reviewed and annually approved by the Management Team. The knowledge of this Quality Policy and Objectives is guaranteed by delivering controlled copies of the Quality Manual, the presentation of the Quality Policy and Goals on the entity’s website, the communication in a meeting to all the professionals of the organization, the availability of uncontrolled copies of the manual for professionals and clients who request it and the communication in the process of reception of new professionals of the entity.

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