Tercer Sector Social

The Cooperativa Jovent participates in the Tercer Sector Social of the Balearic Islands as a member of another second level network, the EAPN – Balearic Islands. The Tercer Sector Social Illes Balears was legally constituted on March 13, 2010; although the member entities had already been collaborating within the network since 2008. The Tercer Sector Social Illes Balears includes nine networks:

  • EAPN-Illes Balears
  • Reas Balears
  • Feaps Balears
  • foQua
  • Coordinadora
  • Fessmm
  • Predif-Illes Balears
  • ONCE-Illes Balears
  • Forum Entitats Tercer Sector de Menorca

The mission of the Tercer Sector Social of the Balearic Islands is to unite, with the widest possible consensus, the networks of the third social sector of the Balearic Islands to improve the well-being of people with social needs not covered.

The programs and actions of these entities, which constitute each of the networks, are aimed at people who are vulnerable such as the following groups: seniors, people with disabilities, children and families, young people, women, immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers, people with mental illnesses, chronically ill people, people with addictive behaviors, inmates and former inmates, people with difficulties in social and occupational insertion, homelessness and others; as well as the population in general to raise awareness and strengthen solidarity values ​​and create spaces for social inclusion. (http://www.tercersectorsocialib.org)

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