Certificates of professionalism for unemployed people

At the Center Jovent each year we develop several courses for people aged 16 to 64 aimed at obtaining certificates of professionalism. These certificates certify the set of professional competencies that enable the development of an identifiable work activity in the production system. They are official and valid throughout the national territory and are issued by the SEPE and the Servei de l’Ocupació de les Illes Balears (SOIB) in our autonomous community.

The certificates of professionalism are made up of two or more theoretical-practical modules that are taught in person and a module of non-work practices that is carried out in companies. In order to obtain the aforementioned certificate, it is necessary to have passed all the modules that constitute it, including the practical module. In all training, a comprehensive education is intended that promotes job performance and development as a person.

The Center Jovent is approved by the SOIB to issue 22 certificates of professionalism.

Within the SOIB call for unemployed, the Center Jovent offers training for unemployed people from 16 to 64 years old.

Certificates of professionalism imparted

The certificates of professionalism for unemployed people (16-65 years old) that are taught at the Center Jovent are the following:

Nivel Certificado de profesionalidad Horas formación + prácticas en empresas Fecha inicio Fecha final
1 Operaciones auxiliares de montaje y mantenimiento de equipos eléctricos y electrónicos 310 + 80 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones auxiliares de fabricación mecánica 400 + 40 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones auxiliares de mantenimiento en electromecánica de vehículos 270 + 40 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones de mantenimiento de carrocerías de vehículos 270 + 40 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones auxiliares de mantenimiento de elementos estructurales y de recubrimiento de superficies de embarcaciones deportivas y de recreo 240 + 40 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones auxiliares de mantenimiento de sistemas y de equipos de embarcaciones deportivas y de recreo 350 + 40 Sin fecha prevista
1 Operaciones auxiliares de montaje de instalaciones electrotécnicas y de telecomunicaciones en edificios 300 + 80 Sin fecha prevista
2 Mantenimiento del motor y sus sistemas auxiliares 440 + 80 Sin fecha prevista
2 Soldadura con electrodos revestido y TIG 640 + 40 Sin fecha prevista


To access the training of a certain certificate of professionalism, both level 1 and level 2, certain requirements must be met.

Requirements for access to certificates of professionalism

  • Level 1: The requirements to be able to access a level 1 certificate of professionalism are:
    • Be registered as a job seeker at the SOIB office.
  • Level 2: To access a level 2 certificate of professionalism, in addition to the above requirements, the following academic requirements are necessary:
    • Have the ESO graduate degree or be pending to pass 2 subjects that are not Spanish language, Catalan language or mathematics.
    • Be in possession of a Level 2 Certificate of Professionalism
    • Be in possession of a Level 1 Certificate of Professionalism from the same professional family.
    • Comply with the academic requirements for access to intermediate level training cycles.
    • Have passed the university entrance exam for those over 25 and / or 45 years old.
    • Pass the assessment tests of the key competences (Spanish, Catalan and mathematics) necessary to take advantage of the training.

Training characteristics

Multimedia tools are used, such as tablets, which allow access to videos, simulations, concept maps, etc.

All the courses for obtaining certificates of professionalism are free, as well as the material, the uniform and the personal protective equipment. Each training has two professionals (one technical trainer and one educator) for every 16 students.

More about training characteristics


The training is theoretical-practical, with a very high percentage of experimentation on real work and with a progressivity in the degree of difficulty that makes the assimilation of all the contents accessible.

Study and work material

Prepared by professionals from the Center Jovent in collaboration with the UIB, it has been adapted to the needs of the students (progressive and easy to understand) and to the requirements of each certificate of professionalism. In most training courses, some content is worked with multimedia tools, for this reason students are provided with tablets that allow them to access videos, simulations, concept maps, etc.

Business practice

They are the last module of any certificate of professionalism. They allow the approach to the world of work and work on content that has been seen throughout the training process. They can also be a source of employment contracts. Once the professional internship has started, Jovent makes periodic visits to the companies to monitor them.

When selecting an internship company for students, we look for the company that best suits the profile of each person, within the stock of more than 300 companies that we have. The labor inserters of the entity prepare non-labor practices in advance with the company, the training staff of the Center Jovent and with the young person

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