Promotion of neighbourhood networks

The Coop. Jovent has always worked from a territorial perspective with the commitment to be able to have a positive impact on the environment where it has open centres, in particular, in the neighbourhoods of Sa Indioteria and Son Gibert. The objective is to promote and collaborate with networks of entities so that ours is:

  • Integrative and ingrained in the territory
  • Dynamic and mediator of citizen initiatives.
  • Boosting the identity of the neighbourhood to prevent situations of degradation and exclusion
  • Currently, it collaborates with two neighbourhood networks: the Platform of Entities of sa Indioteria and the Board of Entities of Son Gibert

Jovent works for and in the neighborhoods where their centers are based, working with other entities to prevent situations of exclusion.

Platform Entities of sa Indioteria

The Platform Entities of Sa Indioteria is a participatory, democratic, autonomous and non-profit organization composed of 19 entities that are based in the neighbourhood of Sa Indioteria. It is an association that was created in 1998, which meets monthly in order to unite efforts between all entities and fight together to bring about social, educational, urban, environmental, coexistence, participation … neighbourhood improvements.

Meeting of the Platform de Entities of sa Indioteria in Sa Midoneria. Casal de barrio Jovent.

The Platform Entities of sa Indioteria is made up of the following entities

  1. Agrupació Musical Hermandades – Jovent sa Indioteria
  2. AMIPA Col·legi Nostra Senyora de la Consolació
  3. AMIPA Col·legi Públic de sa Indioteria
  4. Associació de Gent Gran de sa Indioteria
  5. Associació de veïnats/des de sa Indioteria
  6. Associació Jovent Segle XXI
  7. Club Ciclista sa Indioteria
  8. Club d’Esplai Jovent
  9. Club de Bàsquet sa Indioteria
  10. Club Petanca sa Indioteria.
  11. Club Recreativo La Victoria
  12. Comunidad de propietarios zona comercial de sa Indioteria
  13. Cooperativa Jovent
  14. Cooperativa sindical de trabajadores de Baleares
  15. GESI Grup Excursionista sa Indioteria
  16. Granja Escola Jovent
  17. Indiots rurals
  18. Mestres Col·legi Públic sa Indioteria
  19. Parròquia de San Josep del Terme

At the moment the participation of Jovent in this platform is concretized in:

  • Coordination of the Platform: call for meetings, agenda, follow-up of agreements, preparation of requests and administrative procedures, etc.
  • Coordination of specific activities within the framework of the Platform: among other activities, it is worth mentioning the elaboration of documents on the needs of the neighbourhood to present the political parties and activities for the self-financing of the Platform.
  • Detection and channelling of social, economic, socio-educational needs in collaboration with other entities
  • Centralization of the contributions of the entities of the Platform
  • Realization of periodic visits to the entities of the Platform to establish fluid communication channels and to cohesion to the entities within the methodology of work of the same.

Board of Entities of Son Gibert- El Viver

The Board of Entities of Son Gibert was created in the year 2003 with the purpose of claiming minimal services in the neighbourhood and creating community awareness. Currently, the following entities participate: Municipal Center for Social Services East, Casal Migjorn, Dinamo, Col. Law San Pedro and Cooperativa Jovent. Its dynamics are based on meeting together 5 times a year to bring together the main problems of the neighborhood and organize various activities in a joint way: Festivities of Sant Antoni, Carnival, book day, solidarity market, summer parties and hot chocolate on Christmas.

At the moment the participation of Jovent in this platform is concretized in:

  • Collaboration in the activities programmed by the Board: participation in the meetings of the Board and in the socio-community dynamization activities of the neighbourhood. From the Centre Jovent we provide professionals to organize and monitor different events and our young users collaborate in the organization and dynamization of activities with children and neighbourhood residents (neighborhood parties, Verges party, book day, etc.).
  • Transfer of the facilities of the Centre Jovent: for projects carried out by the municipal social services (CMSS Est) and other neighborhood entities. Among the activities we highlight the transfer of classrooms and computer room and transfer of the sports track.
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