Eastern Sector Community Intervention Project

In 2020 the Coop. Jovent signed a Singular Agreement with the Department of Social Welfare of the Palma City Council for 4 years, to promote a community development and revitalization project, with the priority of serving children, young people and their families, in collaboration with the Municipal Services Center Social East.

Intervention areas

The community intervention is carried out in 7 neighborhoods through 4 intervention projects:

  1. Rafal Nuevo / Rafal Vell / El Vivero
  2. Virgen de Lluc/ Son Rutllan
  3. Virgen de Lucas/ Son Rutllan
  4. Sa Indioteria

Work axes

  1. Initial prior knowledge of the community: Data collection, resource mapping, dynamics of social relationships, entities and neighborhoods.
  2. Participatory community diagnosis: spaces for meeting and reflection on how to improve preventive actions in the neighborhood, vision of the Platforms and tables, of entities and people
  3. Joint planning and execution of actions: participation in platforms, carrying out preventive leisure and educational leisure activities and workshops, community meetings and parties, support for the dissemination of activities, support for children, young people and families, etc.
  4. Co-monitoring evaluation and continuous evaluation of the process


The Agreement provides 3 professionals hired by the Coop Jovent.: 2 educators and 1 community facilitator. In addition, Jovent provides 1 Coordinator and 1 director of community activities for the supervision, management and monitoring of the project.

Stock dynamics

  • Co-organization, co-production and consensus between 2 teams: that of Jovent and that of the Municipal Center for Social Services East (CMSS East).
  • Participatory and updated diagnosis
  • Participation of children and young people and also citizens, in the diagnosis and decision-making when organizing activities
  • Networking and service in the rest of the entities in the territory
  • Presence on the street
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