Rebost Solidari

Rebost Solidari is a distribution service of fresh and packaged food, as well as other essential products (home cleaning and personal hygiene) for families in situations of impoverishment or social vulnerability.

The families are mostly derived from the Eastern Municipal Social Services Center, from the entity’s own programs or from other resources in the territory. The service receives support from: the Social Welfare Area of ​​Palma City Council, the Department of Families and Social Affairs, Caixa Colonya, “la Caixa” Foundation, the Sa Indioteria Neighborhood Association and other donations from companies or individuals.

Unlike other food banks where a basic food basket is distributed, at Rebost Solidari a certain number of points are awarded depending on the number of members of each family unit, points that are later exchanged for a specific selection of food.

This system allows families to choose the products they really want to purchase, in a similar way to a real purchase, and makes possible, to a certain extent, a relative ability to configure their own shopping basket by each person served.

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