Acompaniment to the job search

The Labor Orientation and Insertion Cabinet (GOIL) aims to acquire knowledge, skills and strategies for insertion in the work world.

From Jovent we bet on an active job search that includes not only to look for job offers but to train continuously, self-grant, prepare strategies for each company, etc.

From the Labor Cabinet we try to make the person to fully develop their motivation, their capabilities and a positive attitude for the search for employment

Access to GOIL

The only requirement to access is registration as an employment claimant at the SOIB office.

Actions taken

From the Labor Orientation and Insertion Cabinet we offer personalized attention to improve employability

Each person is assigned an orientator / work with whom he designs an employability and job search plan. The actions you can perform through this service are:

1.- Labor orientation sessions

These sessions are individual and / or group, planned according to the needs of the person to improve their employability. They provide knowledge about the work world and help to define each person’s work profile providing skills to find and maintain a workplace.

2.- Non-labor practices in business

They allow direct contact with the work world, enabling the implementation of real environments of skills, attitudes and knowledge. This way you can show the business of professional competences to perform a job.

3.- Employment bag

We have a bag of companies with which we have worked for years and that they have at the Center Jovent as a resource for obtaining candidates to cover a job. We also have a wide network of contacts that make us arrive at offers permanently.

In the search for employment, Jovent offers an accompaniment, advice and motivational tools for the person to fully develop their abilities and attitudes in order to find a job.

Each person has professionals who guide him and accompany him at all times in the job search.

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