Intercultural Coexistence

The intercultural coexistence project is framed within the need to build preventive lines aimed at raising awareness, intercultural coexistence and the resolution of intercultural conflicts through the dynamization of work sessions within the itinerary of orientation, training and socio-labor insertion. It is intended to promote skills that allow recognizing and respecting differences between cultures by fostering dialogue between equals.

Three workshops are held:

  • Undoing prejudices
  • Communication between cultures: interculturality
  • Conflict resolution.


  1. Undoing prejudices. Aimed at working on the perceptions and labels that mark relationships and condition the way of living in community.
  2. Communication between cultures: interculturality. Interculturality is worked on as a process of interrelation that starts from the reflection of the recognition of diversity and respect for differences.
  3. Conflict resolution. Necessary aspects are worked on to achieve conflict resolution strategies through games and resources adapted to the needs and characteristics of each group.

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