Mission, vision and values


The Cooperativa Jovent is a non-profit organization that promotes equal opportunities, the improvement of the quality of life and the social and labour integration of young people and other at-risk groups, offering an organization that adapts to your needs, with the ability to work and coordinate with other organizations and with a spirit of innovation.


Cooperativa Jovent strives to be an entity with a model of operational organization, effective and participatory in the design and implementation of the projects that it intends to carry out, and to serve as a reference point for:

  • At-risk individuals, in response to their needs.
  • Neighborhood entities and groups, as a model of networking, the ability to combine interests and effectiveness in the management of objectives.
  • Entrepreneurs, as a reliable source of placement and as an opportunity to promote themselves by investing in social benefits.
  • Public organizations, as a model of social project management.
  • Social entities, as a strategic and methodological reference.

Fundamental Values of the entity

  • Non-profit in the sense that the purpose of the entity is not the attainment of an economic benefit and that in the case of excess of the activity developed, it is reinvested in social benefit.
  • Secular because it is based on a structure of internal values ​​that must allow individual freedom to choose and act in each of the important inflections of human existence, maintaining the entity independent of any religion or belief, which must be developed, if necessary, in the private and personal field.
  • Defender of human rights as they are the clearest exponent of the social dimension of justice and are those that are based on human nature as such, previous and superior to any positive law, which are inalienable and inviolable, and which have to be recognized and protected by the public authorities (representatives of the company).
  • Separate in the sense that the entity is independent of any political option.
  • Tolerant , because we recognize that the differences between people are a benefit to humanity. Therefore, it is necessary for the entity to act openly, with the capacity to accept difference and to know how to live in the discrepancy, with a capacity for dialogue and transience without bias.
  • Solidarity, as we run our activity to compensate social injustices for the benefit of the most vulnerable people.
  • Humanist in the sense of recognizing the human being as the value and central concern of his activity, affirming the equality of all people, recognizing personal and cultural diversity, prioritizing knowledge above what is now accepted as absolute truth, affirming freedom of ideas and beliefs and rejecting all kinds of violence and discrimination.
  • Creative and willing to improve continuously to respond to the needs that are generated, to stimulate the adaptation to the changes and to take them on, and to look for permanent solutions of a possible and sustainable future.
  • Reflective and critical with the educational and social reality, promoting analysis and involvement in the different socio-educational situations that affect the users of our services.