EAPN – Balearic Islands

The Cooperativa Jovent is a founding member of the network of entities, Social Inclusion Network. EAPN-Illes Balears, in which it actively participates as a member of its board of directors currently holding the position of vice presidency. EAPN-IB is a democratic, autonomous, participatory and non-profit organization created in 2005 and comprised of 28 organizations with experience working with people without resources and / or various vulnerability factors. These entities cater to more than 80 thousand people with a budget of 50 million euros and more than 1500 workers. The services that are given are complemented so much with the participation of more than 6000 volunteers.

Networking with other entities allows Jovent to actively participate in the promotion of social policies aimed at vulnerable groups

EAPN-IB is part of EAPN-ES, the Spanish network created in 2004 formed by 19 networks of different autonomies and 16 state entities. It is a recognized entity in the national and European level and a valid interlocutor in front of the public administrations. In turn, it is part of the EAPN (European Anti Poverty Network), a European network for the fight against poverty and social exclusion and which was born in Brussels in 1990 as an independent coalition of NGOs. In addition, it is a consultative body of the European Council and founding member of the European Platform of NGOs for social action. It is made up of more than 29 national networks and 18 European organizations.

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