Community Health Project

We create well-being, we invest in health


The project develops educational actions to achieve a better health care for all people. Interventions are made in two areas:

1.- Group actions, aimed at introducing the perspective of well-being and health care into:

  1. The groups of women that the entity has in operation, transversally either through the material to work in Castellano classes (readings, outputs, conversations) as topics to be treated and approached in the empowerment groups.
  2. The educational reinforcement groups.
  3. Bath Cooking Workshop with the beneficiary people of the SA Food Bank Indioteria.

2.- Community actions, of an informative nature, aimed at promoting the social fabric of the communities to reduce the context factors that increase the vulnerability of people. In this sense, the activities that are developed are to put the information available to all people, making dissemination, creating meeting spaces or generating massive sensitization actions on topics related to health, well-being, food, etc.


  1. Encourage healthy life habits in families, especially in the face of girls, boys and young people.
  2. Encourage the importance of correct personal hygiene and rest.
  3. Favor the self-care of women in a situation of vulnerability.
  4. Give tools and information to young people for decision making.
  5. Empowering young people to be information transmitters.
  6. Improve the state of health perceived in the participants.