Health and well-being in community action

We work with people, families and community groups to re-educate, educate and educate ourselves to achieve better health care for all people.

The project is aimed at groups at risk or social vulnerability, especially migrant women, children, youth and families.

Main objectives

  1. Promote the self-care of migrant women in situations of personal and social vulnerability.
  2. Improve the emotional well-being of young people and empower them for decision-making and communication among peers
  3. Promote healthy lifestyle habits in children and young people.
  4. Promote healthy eating in families at risk or social vulnerability
  5. Improve the perceived health status of the participants.

Actions in community action

Aimed at introducing the perspective of well-being and health care in:

  • Migrant woman. Promotion of personal well-being, health and healthy eating in the different activities carried out in the entity.
  • Educational leisure with children and young people. The summer educational reinforcement and educational leisure groups, which the entity runs in the Centro sa Midoneria and in an educational center in the area.
  • Youth at risk or social vulnerability. Peer training on emotional well-being, drugs and sexuality.
  • Families in a situation of impoverishment. Healthy eating with users of the entity’s new Solidarity Pantry, a resource that promotes healthy eating with fresh food.


An axis of an informative nature, which implies actions aimed at promoting the social fabric of communities to reduce context factors that increase people’s vulnerability.

We make the information more accessible to all people (disseminating, creating meeting spaces or generating massive awareness actions from the Tables and Platforms of entities), creation of an information blog, audiovisual resources on topics related to health, wellness, drugs, sexuality…

Links: Educational tools

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