HIV prevention Project

Prevent infections, we invest in health.


The present project will develop 2 lines of action (with 1 Preliminary Phase for the design of the strategy and the elaboration of dissemination and didactic materials) aimed at the prevention of HIV / AIDS infections.

Line 1.Actuacions of information and support to vulnerable young people about HIV infection

This line will be carried out with young people who develop itineraries of socio-labor integration in the Centre Jovent, located in the Rafal Nou-Son Gibert neighborhood, within the framework of the initial orientation processes developed by these young people, and given their low profile educational level with numerous risk factors, it is necessary to offer a set of training and support necessary to develop a process of transition to adult life with guarantees of success both in the personal and professional.

Line 2. Prevention actions of a general nature in vulnerable neighborhoods of the Municipal Sector East of Palma

The scope of priority action of this line will be the generic prevention of HIV / AIDS with the population of the following neighborhoods: Sa Indioteria sa Indioteria, Son Cladera, Virgen de Lluc, El Vivero, Rafal Nou-Son Gibert and Rafal Vell, (all they belong to the Eastern Municipal Sector).


  1. Develop actions for the prevention of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections with young people of low educational level or social vulnerability.
  2. Promote the development of skills and personal resources of young people to be able to perform safe sex
  3. Conduct local campaigns to inform about HIV and other STIs using the internet, social networks and face-to-face contact with people from different neighborhoods of Palma with high social vulnerability indexes.
  4. To promote attitudes of normalized coexistence towards seropositive persons
  5. Educate in equality from the perspective of gender