HIV prevention Project

Cheer up with prevention

Educational actions for the prevention of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections

Projecte VIH

With the program we intend to raise awareness especially among young people and also the community about safe practices and the importance of protecting themselves to prevent the transmission of the virus.

HIV Project goals

Through information and education, we seek to break the stigmas and prejudices associated with HIV and promote people’s sexual health and well-being.

  1. Develop actions to prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections among young people.
  2. Promote the development of personal skills and resources of the young people to be able to perform safe sex
  3. Carry out campaigns at the local level to inform about HIV and other STIs using the Internet, social networks and face-to-face contact with specialized services and platforms of entities in the territory.
  4. Promote attitudes of normalized coexistence towards HIV-positive people
  5. Educate in equality from a gender perspective
Objectius projecte vih


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Line 1.- Youth.

Information and support actions for young people on the transmission of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections. It is a preventive orientation aimed at young people, through:

  • Sessions for identifying and coping with risk situations related to the transmission of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Individual attention. Questions and answers
  • Tutoring of young people for individualized treatment of specific risk situations
  • Referral of young people to specialized services.

Line 2.- Community.

General prevention actions in vulnerable neighborhoods of the East Municipal Sector of Palma

The priority field of action of this line is generic HIV prevention with the population of different neighborhoods of Palma, through:

  • Online and face-to-face prevention campaign on HIV and Sexually Transmitted Infections.
  • Networking and coordination of actions with other agents in the territory (Social Services, health centers, schools, etc.)
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