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Hire a professional

Hiring one of the youth trained at the Cooperativa Jovent is an option for companies seeking a new employee.

For Cooperativa Jovent, training for quality employment is one of the most important activities, which reaches more than 150 professionals trained in our centers every year. The collaboration of companies is indispensable to meet our objectives, for which they can participate in our project by means of:

  • Making it possible to practice in your company during the period established in the training, which allows the entrepreneur to know the student, at no cost to the company.
  • Collaborating by contracting a student formed in Jovent.

Our work consists in informing and orientating, in order to evaluate the personal and professional competencies of the individual candidate, and develop a training proposal, within the courses offered by Cooperativa Jovent, and thus complete their personal and professional qualification .

Collaboration: You can collaborate by contacting the director at miquel_jovent_2, or by calling 971 471806.