Socio-educational programs


In Sa Midoneria, Casal de Barri Jovent, Cooperativa Jovent is developing the CaixaProinfància program with the support of “la Caixa” Welfare Projects. It is aimed at children and adolescents between 0 and 16 years of age from families in situations of poverty or social vulnerability in order to break the cycle of transmission of poverty from parents to children by guaranteeing access to quality educational opportunities.

The program carries out an integral intervention with children and families through two lines of services:

  • Pro education Services: Promote the youth development, facilitating access to educational environments that provide them with solid references for their future through the following activities
    • Educational reinforcement and school equipment
    • Open centers
    • Summer school
    • Learn together, grow as a family (aimed at the whole family group)
  • Pro Health services: We help families guarantee their children an optimal level of physical and mental well-being.
    • Child nutrition and hygiene
    • Psycological support
From the CaixaProinfancia program we offer services to improve the development of children and their families.

The Community project Est-1

The Est-1 community project receives support and funding from the Councillorship of Culture and Social Welfare of the City of Palma. It is part of the Community Intervention Program Sector East, a union of community projects of the network of entities corresponding to the Associació Jovent that aims to generate preventive contexts, through socio-educational, welfare, pre-work and psycho-educational support activities focused on children, the youth and the most vulnerable families in the neighborhoods of the east sector of the municipality of Palma.

The project develops four main lines of action:

  • The community engagement of neighborhoods in the East sector through:
    1. The promotion and participation in the round-tables of the organizations in the neighborhoods of the East Sector.
    2. The organization and participation in community engagement activities in neighborhoods, in collaboration with other entities.
    3. The cession of spaces of the Cooperativa Jovent for the activities of the CMSS Est, or other of the neighborhoods.
    4. Actions with volunteering, for community engagement.
  • The detection of social needs of the neighborhoods of the Eastern Sector, as well as the coordination of activities of a welfare and socio-educational nature, in collaboration with the social services of the area, through:
    1. The work of detecting and managing situations of need for children, young people and vulnerable families.
    2. Coordination and referral of cases in collaboration with CMSS Est and other organizations.
  • The development of social support activities for vulnerable individuals and groups experiencing social precariousness in the eastern sectors by:
    1. The management of aid in the form of food and clothing.
    2. Actions to support the social incorporation of specific groups.
  • The development of formative and pre-work regulation with young people from the neighborhoods of the sector or other derivatives by the CMSS of the City of Palma to the Centre Jovent, through:
    1. Visits to Jovent’s partner labor itineraries.
    2. Referral to young people to Jovent’s programs.
    3. The development of an ICT project, for young people with a low level of education.
    4. Improving occupancy and transversal key competences.

T’acompany, Psychotherapeutic intervention for vulnerable people

This project receives funding and support from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sport. It is an individual and group therapeutic support service aimed at both young people and their families, as well as women for their empowerment and families with children from 0 to 4 years of age with the need to develop parental and/or parenting skills. More information.

The project is aimed at three groups:

  • Young people aged 16 to 30 with risk factors who carry out a comprehensive employment insertion itinerary. Individual therapeutic support is offered to them and their families. They can also be part of a violence prevention programme, thereby promoting gender equality.
  • Families with children from 0 to 4 years old who need parenting guidelines. They are offered a family space for creating an affective bond, through play and video intervention therapy to improve the relationship with children.
  • Women who need emotional support can participate in the Personal Growth Group, which works on empowerment, safety and feeling recognized.

Iguals, a project of new opportunities for minors and immigrant adults

This project is carried out in collaboration with entities of the Coraje Federation, of which Jovent is a member, in the autonomous communities of Asturias, the Balearic Islands, the Canary Islands, Madrid, Catilla and León, and Castilla-la Mancha. It receives funding and support from the Secretary-General for Immigration and Immigration ministry of Labour and Social Security and has basically two objectives:

  1. Improve the learning processes of children with school time, especially those with an immigrant background.
  2. Develop processes with immigrant women so that they can access training, labour, community and family support resources, training them in language skills, so that they can access official examinations of obtaining nationality and improve their job opportunities, training them in cross-cutting competencies. More information

How do we do that?

  • By developing processes that combine individual intervention spaces with groups.
  • With the guardianship of the process and the creation of bonds with the person.
  • Encouraging participation in workshops, talks and training activities.

Convivencia intercultural

This project is also carried out in collaboration with entities of the Courage Federation and with the support of the Secretary General of Immigration and Immigration of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. It is part of the need to build preventive lines aimed at raising awareness, intercultural coexistence and the management of intercultural conflicts through the dynamization of working sessions within the orientation path, training and job placement of young people who go through Jovent’s programs.

On the other hand, awareness-raising and training activities are also carried out aimed at the general public, participating and organizing community socio-cultural events aimed at promoting the coexistence of the immigrant population with the population national. More information.

Barris, We weave services for the community

This project receives the funding and support of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sport, it is a service of integration, equal opportunities and coexistence, which develops actions to accompany, train and community involvement of the collective of women immigrants and community awareness actions, especially of children, young people and families for tolerance and intercultural coexistence. The following activities are carried out within the framework of this project:

  • Accompaniment and individualized support for immigrant women
  • Literacy and basic Spanish training, and digital literacy for immigrant women
  • Immigrant Women Volunteer Groups for the Prevention of Xenophobia and Racism
  • Workshops and educational projects to work on intercultural competence, in collaboration with other entities and educational centers.
  • Coordination of actions and participation in tables and neighborhood networks for the improvement of intercultural coexistence

More information