Socio-educational programs


In Sa Midoneria, Casal de Barri Jovent, Cooperativa Jovent is developing the CaixaProinfància program with the support of “la Caixa” Welfare Projects. It is aimed at children and adolescents between 0 and 16 years of age from families in situations of poverty or social vulnerability in order to break the cycle of transmission of poverty from parents to children by guaranteeing access to quality educational opportunities.

The program carries out an integral intervention with children and families through two lines of services:

  • Pro education Services: Promote the youth development, facilitating access to educational environments that provide them with solid references for their future through the following activities
    • Educational reinforcement and school equipment
    • Open centers
    • Summer school
    • Learn together, grow as a family (aimed at the whole family group)
  • Pro Health services: We help families guarantee their children an optimal level of physical and mental well-being.
    • Child nutrition and hygiene
    • Psycological support
From the CaixaProinfancia program we offer services to improve the development of children and their families.

Projecte d’Intervenció Comunitària de Sector Est

In 2020 the Coop. Jovent signed a Singular Agreement with the Department of Social Welfare of Palma City Council for 4 years, to promote a community development and revitalization project, with the priority of caring for children, young people and their families, in collaboration with collaboration with the Municipal Center of Social Services Est.

Community intervention is carried out in 7 neighborhoods through 4 intervention projects:

a) Rafal Nou / Rafal vell/ El Viver
b) Verge de Lluc/ Son Rutllan
c) Son Cladera
d) Sa Indioteria

Axes of work
a) Initial prior knowledge of the community: Data collection, resource mapping, dynamics on social relations, entities and neighborhoods ….
b) Participatory community diagnosis: spaces for meeting and reflection on how to improve preventive actions in the neighborhood, vision of the Platforms and tables, of entities and people
c) Joint planning and execution of actions: participation in platforms, carrying out activities and workshops on preventive leisure and educational leisure, meetings and community parties, support for the dissemination of activities, support for children, young people and families, etc. .
d) Co-monitoring evaluation and continuous evaluation of the process


The agreement provides 3 professionals hired by the Coop Jovent .: 2 educators and 1 community facilitator. In addition, Jovent provides 1 Coordinator and 1 director of community activities for the supervision, management and monitoring of the project.

Dynamics of actions

– Co-organization, co-production and consensus between 2 teams: the Youth and the Municipal Center for Social Services East (CMSS East).

– Participatory and up-to-date diagnosis

– Participation of children and young people and also the public, in the diagnosis and decision-making when organizing activities

– Networking and service to other entities in the territory

– Presence on the street

T’acompany, Psychotherapeutic intervention for vulnerable people

This project receives funding and support from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sport. It is an individual and group therapeutic support service aimed at both young people and their families, as well as women for their empowerment and families with children from 0 to 4 years of age with the need to develop parental and/or parenting skills.

The project is aimed at three groups:

  • Young people aged 16 to 30 with risk factors who carry out a comprehensive employment insertion itinerary. Individual therapeutic support is offered to them and their families. They can also be part of a violence prevention programme, thereby promoting gender equality.
  • Families with children from 0 to 4 years old who need parenting guidelines. They are offered a family space for creating an affective bond, through play and video intervention therapy to improve the relationship with children.
  • Women who need emotional support can participate in the Personal Growth Group, which works on empowerment, safety and feeling recognized.

Barris, We weave services for the community

This project receives the funding and support of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Sport, it is a service of integration, equal opportunities and coexistence, which develops actions to accompany, train and community involvement of the collective of women immigrants and community awareness actions, especially of children, young people and families for tolerance and intercultural coexistence. The following activities are carried out within the framework of this project:

  • Accompaniment and individualized support for immigrant women
  • Literacy and basic Spanish training, and digital literacy for immigrant women
  • Immigrant Women Volunteer Groups for the Prevention of Xenophobia and Racism
  • Workshops and educational projects to work on intercultural competence, in collaboration with other entities and educational centers.
  • Coordination of actions and participation in tables and neighborhood networks for the improvement of intercultural coexistence

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