How we work

To carry out our activities we have a dynamic and innovative team of 35 people, among them, social educators, psychopedagogues, psychologists, technicians, etc. who develop the different programs aimed at children, youth and family, as well as training and social and occupational orientation. The activities of Jovent are planned according to the needs of the people who attend the entity, individualizing the processes of each one and focusing in a comprehensive way on their problems, aspirations or demands. We attach a lot of importance to the affective bond and we make it available to every person in the spirit of being the protagonist of their process.

Our projects work from a territorial perspective, in collaboration with organizations and entities of the environment, permanently open to reflection and change based on emerging needs. That is why we have a team with a long experience of socio-educational intervention, highly trained to track the development of people and actions; They know and work with the person’s environment, teach areas for personal development, promote activities that promote a positive climate.

Cooperativa Jovent team of professionals. March 2017
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