Es Midoniu

Es Midoniu is a therapy service aimed at parents of young children (0 to 4 years old). The project is a collaboration between Jovent, the XIAIF ( Network of Initiatives for Childhood and Families ) and the GIPI (Infantile Research Group of the University of the Balearic Islands ) in which three specialists work with 6 or 7 families to improve the relationship between parents and children through a space of interaction. Specifically, the program works from two areas:

Es Midoniu is a therapy service in collaboration with the XIAF and the UIB.
  • The family space: the 6 or 7 families go to the center and develop a sequence of activities; the moment of the entry and free time for children to play, the moment of mother-child dyad, children’s snack time and time to have a coffee and talk with parents. In each of these moments of the session different aims are sought, specific aspects of parental guidelines and parent-child relationships are observed and are used to perform certain interventions by the team of professionals.
  • The video intervention: The interactions of the family space were recorded in video and later viewed with the parents. It is a very powerful instrument, because when parents see themselves interacting with their children they take the therapy beyond simply discussion. It allows parents to see themselves doing small positive ways that would not normally be observed by people unless they are seen in a video. These observed micro-interactions serve as motivators to establish a commitment with the therapy, to continue making new changes, to improve their self-esteem and the perception of their self-efficacy, and to identify areas of improvement. In addition, the use of video allows educators and therapists to help parents observe and be curious about their children in ways that would not be possible without the video.

Office hours: Every Tuesday from 11’30h to 13h.

Responsible: Aina Cortiñas.

Documental “Es Midoniu. Vernos para rehacer”

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