End of the dual port training course 2019-20

On May 5, 2020, the dual training course for strategic sectors FDS 13/18 ended. Although classes concluded on March 16, the contracts expired on May 5. Of the 16 users who started the course, 15 have finished. 10 have been the companies that have participated in this edition of the course, the fourth that is done.

Although the hiring renewal forecasts were good, the Covid 19 crisis has caused a failure that was not fulfilled. From Jovent we are convinced that young people have come out well prepared and will not have too much difficulty to find a job in the nautical world.

Due to the current situation, the end of the course has been done with an online meeting in which the teaching team of the course has participated and also Carmen González, Member of the Jovent labor insertion cabinet.

Thank you all and Best of luck.


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