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Estiu socioeducatiu

Estiu socioeducatiu. Youth empowerment and community participation program. May- July 2018

The purpose of the project is to empower a group of young people as citizens through different socio-educational activities that facilitate their participation, increase their visibility as a collective, and place them as positive drivers of development within their community. The project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture, Participation and Sports of the GOIB and the Ministry of Health of the Spanish Government.

Summary: We propose a social intervention project in which we will develop a youth socio-educational space for empowerment and community participation, aimed at young people aged 13 to 17 years. This space will have two phases where the young people will be the organizers and beneficiaries of the project; in the first, decision-making will take more weight (months from May to June) and in the second, community participation and socio-educational activities (month of July).

Dates to sign up: April, May and June 2018

Cartell Estiu Socioeducatiu